lördag 28 januari 2017

Gott Nytt År!

Idag den 28 januari går vi in i ett nytt år, tecknet Fire Rooster, enligt det kinesiska horoskopet. Lite på kul lite på allvar delar jag delar av en text från http://www.sunsigns.org

"The Chinese New Year 2017 is the Year of the Red Fire Rooster. This Year of the Rooster is ruled by the fire element and it is a Yin year. This is the time to be spent in solitude and harmony with friends and family.
As the element for the Chinese year 2017 is RED, do not use red in your clothes and accessories. Red colored stones like ruby, garnet and pink topaz too are better avoided. Instead, use colors that will complement the red and fire element. Earth colored items like brown or yellow are most suitable for all the 12 Chinese zodiac signs in 2017.
According to Chinese astrology, the Rooster years are known to be filled with integrity and efficiency. Hard work is the key to achieving success in this Chinese New Year. The Chinese New Year 2017 predictions suggest that this year can beneficial in your career and financial investments. But time your business ventures well if you want to take advantage of the most profitable periods. Also try alternative healing therapies to keep stress at bay so that you can use your potential to the maximum. Do not complicate things by over thinking and analyzing too much."

Bilden har jag lånat av en Shadowyogalärare och vän Caterina Hadjilias

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